FortiFX prides itself on being the world’s first 6-layer half-protein bar, half-granola

Described by customers as “addictive nutrition”, the one-of-a-kind bar is designed to be delicious, healthy and a perfect alternative to cravings.

As fitness enthusiasts, the team behind FortiFX understand firsthand the difficulty of moderating their diet. Despite how hard they train, succumbing to food cravings can easily throw them off course and ruin their physique. With its breakthrough product, the FortiFX Bar, the company aims to meet this challenge and so far has proven to be the practical solution that many people need.

FortiFX proudly labels its product as the world’s first six-layer half-protein, half-granola bar on the market. Made in the USA, the specially produced bars contain unique nutritional content with 20 grams of whey protein, 260 calories and only 3 grams of sugar. Customers can choose from four flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Pretzel, Honey Almond, and Peanut Butter. They are also gluten free.

Sean Perich, the founder of FortiFX, has formulated and produced bars for numerous fitness companies for over 20 years. Among his clients were Eight Watchers, MetRX, Pure Protein, RedCon1 and FitCrunch. After spending seven years developing and perfecting the product, the successful entrepreneur considers the FortiFX bar his crowning achievement.

According to Sean, his business grew from very humble beginnings, which he compared to his own experience as an adopted child growing up in Pittsburgh. So when he decided to divert his energy from a secure job as a CPA to create protein cookies, many of his friends and family doubted him. However, he found encouragement from his bodybuilding partners, who have been with him since high school.

“I started out with nothing but a store-bought baking dish, a small blender, and no experience in food chemistry,” Sean recalls. “But they knew my tenacity and my work ethic.”

Over the next twenty years, he established himself as a leading product developer for some of the biggest names in the industry. He then became the famous founder of his own company.

Many customers have expressed their positive experiences trying FortiFX bars. The brand is backed by nearly two hundred verified reviews with an impressive five out of five rating from each buyer.

Among other things, the effectiveness of the product in taming unhealthy food cravings is one of the highlights of the testimonials. “The best bar on the planet, hands down!” exclaimed Charlene, who recently tried the FortiFX bar. “I’ve tried many bars and I don’t eat sweets. It’s a delight. When I’m on the go or have a craving, this is my satisfying replacement. Great job, FortiFX! It’s the only bar I eat.

The company has creatively adopted the slogan “Addictive Nutrition”, which wittily embodies the beneficial result of trying the product.

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