From non-dairy, veggie-enriched cheese and convenient baking solutions to keto-friendly snacks and alcohol-based treats

Among the more than 1,700 exhibitors, several trends offer unexpected solutions to long-standing problems, ranging from plant-based cheese that doesn’t melt, stretch or taste as tasty as its counterparts. animals to time-saving solutions to maintain cooking. live pandemic trend.

Discover five trends that emerged at the show and the companies that are raising the standard, while reducing the pressure on consumers.

Alcohol beyond the bottle

Alcohol is no longer limited to shots and shot glasses – at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, traditional spirits added deep aromas or surprising flavor to products ranging from bottle-shaped Anthon Berg chocolates cocktail and filled with real bourbon-infused coffees from Don Pablo and World of Coffee to enjoy Rogue’s Espresso Martini Marmalade and Dark & ​​Stormy Marmalade. Confectionery company Bixby & Co. even infused sweet, buttery peanut crunch with Allagash White wheat beer.

Non-dairy cheese 2.0

2 vegan cheeses

In hopes of securing a share of the rapidly growing non-dairy cheese segment, which Grand View Searchestimated at $2.43 billion worldwide in 2021 and expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.6% through 2030, companies continue to innovate with new base ingredients, flavor profiles and processing techniques.

At the Summer Fancy Food Show, Dina & Joshua’s RIND won a sofi new product award for its Carrot Cheese Slices which are made with real carrots and promise to melt with a “luscious texture” when heated. It also won a sofi Gold Award for its mini Lapsang wheel, which is cave-aged and uses Lapsang Souchong tea leaves to infuse its vegan camembert and blue cheese.

UK-based Somerdale also showcased its Ilchester-branded vegan melty ripe slices and told FoodNavigator-USA that plant-based products are not a threat to dairy products, but rather an added opportunity to serve. another set of consumers.

Can quick cooking save cooking?

3 quick scratches

Home baking has grown “enormously” During the pandemic, as consumers sought to be entertained, but as the world reopens and time demands increase, convenience becomes key to keeping this trend alive, said David Lockwood, market research consultant and consumption strategy at the Summer Fancy Food Show. He explained that while homemade baking is here to stay “He didn’t grow as much as I expected last year – why? Because it ran into convenience.

To fill the desire to cook and the demand for convenience, Sweet Logic presented at the show a line of single-serve cake mixes, Happy Grub packaged pancake mix in squeeze bottles for a mess-free breakfast, Lus Oasis has presented sweet and savory plant-based products. waffle mix, Freedom Foods won a Sofi for its new brand Hillside Lane Farm Chocolate Brownie Pie Crusts, as did Baked By Susan for its Bake This Yourself fruit pie kit.

Keto 4ever

4 keto4ever

While the keto diet remains a go-to for rapid weight loss, it’s far from easy to follow — creating an opportunity for packaged foods that balance the diet’s strict macronutrient needs with convenience and taste.

Zing introduced a wide range of plant-based bars that are formulated to meet the low-carb, high-protein needs of the keto diet, Nature’s Garden offered a line of keto snack mixes that blend nuts, walnuts, coconut and certain dried fruits as part of a wider range of snack mixes with functional benefits, and Sander’s Small Batch Wonders introduced a dark chocolate covered sea salt caramel with no added sugar as well as several savory snack mixes calling keto on the package. Whipnotic introduced a line of ready-to-eat whipped creams that the founders say are the perfect low-calorie, keto-compliant treat. And crispy cheese snack maker Whisps has positioned its dehydrated cheese as a diet product.

Drinks beyond the basics

5 drinks

Whether consumers want more (like health benefits) or less (like unwanted side effects) from their drinks, the entrepreneurs at the Summer Fancy Food Show have something for everyone. For example, the founder of Fig Brew sampled a robust, earthy-tasting drink brewed from roasted, ground figs, which was created because the high acid and caffeine content of coffee can cause stomach upset and over-stimulation. Replacing figs with coffee also provides additional benefits, such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are not present in coffee.

Similarly, Hidden Gems Beverage Co., sampled a drink made from recycled avocado seeds that promises to be better for the planet and people by reducing waste and boosting digestion, immunity and heart health. thanks to a dose of prebiotics and antioxidants. Available in on-trend flavor combinations including Lavender Grapefruit, Ginger Mango and Mint Rose, the drinks also balance the desire for something sweet but with no added sugar and just 25 calories per serving.

Lattina also enters the rapidly growing and increasingly crowded herbal drink with its own twist in the category. Skipping popular staples like oats and almonds, Lattini uses sunflower seeds to create an allergen-friendly option.

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