Here are the 10 best-selling used cars

Although it has already passed Million used cars sold so far this year, The decline was seen from the trend seen in the previous month’s record high. All in all, he was transferred in August 143,726 vehicles, And 1.63% less than in July And one 6.3% down from August of last year.

Cumulatively, were between January and August 2021 1,084,041 transfers and, during the same period this year, reduced this number 1.08%, a 1,072,343 units

“We have reflected in the figures a slight drop in sales due to the context of economic instability that has affected us in the last 30 days. This includes us in general, important products, “summarized Alejandro Lamas, secretary of the Automotive Chamber of Commerce (CCA) The scarcity and uncertainty among sellers and buyers who make the decision to buy or sell their cars and associate them with their savings.

“Need to include more stock” and variety of products to make the supply more attractive to the consumer and stabilize prices so that demand does not slow down,” the CCA warned in a press release. However, it also indicated a less tangible increase in willingness to sell. “Many people approach our dealerships to drop off their vehicles for various financial reasons,” he summarizes.

There has been a drop in the sale of used cars in the country.Santiago Filipuzzi – The Nation

“it’s us in tough economic times and we need to see how rate adjustments will be affected in the months ahead and increasing the inflation process. In any case, we are counting on the government’s efforts to make our region react. Proof of this is the recent approval of a bill aimed at strengthening the automotive industry and its value chain,” he concluded.

Of 10 models that were at the top of the list for the last time recorded, Four are from Ford, two from Renault and one from Fiat, Toyota, Chevrolet and Volkswagen. It should be clarified that, for example, in the case of Corsa, the Classic is calculated as if it belonged to the same model as it is continuation of each other.

Target goals and trends It is still the best-selling second-hand model. Historically, it was a very chosen vehicle in the country and after the German terminal decided to stop manufacturing the 0KM version, the second-hand market began to demand a lot from this model. the last record is 8569 units transferred.

Volkswagen Goal Trend is still one of the most popular models among usersCountry

The same thing happens with Chevrolet Corsa and Classic. Another highly sought after model of late and it has remained a top seller on the used market for many months now. Were 5260 transfers this month. down and keep some distance Toyota Hilux, The best-selling pickup of the last 17 years. this month It closed with 4182 sales.

There are barely 300 operating differences between the Renault Clio and the Ford Fiesta. Cleo ended with August 3675 units sold And Ford too 3361. The list is completed by: fiat paleo (3106), Ford EcoSport (2918), Ford Focus (2862), ford ranger (2823) Yes Renault Kangoo (2658).

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