Sofia Hayat hospitalized after 21-day fast seeking previous birth; Details inside! –

Actress-model and former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sofia Hayat has suffered a major health shock after being hospitalized with low body salt. The former actress, who said goodbye to showbiz in 2016 to embrace spirituality, was observing a fast when her body salt dropped below dangerous levels. Reports say she was rushed to hospital after fainting. The actress started shivering and feeling dizzy while fasting.

Sofia Hayat, currently in the UK, was given five packets of salt and then resuscitated. Fasting was part of his spiritual practice and it was an unexpected event that deteriorated his health. But she is now discharged from hospital and is currently recovering.

About the incident, Sofia said, “I was doing body cleansing practice while fasting and got anema. I think during the purging process I lost a lot of salts and electrolytes from the body. Levels have fallen dangerously low. I asked the nurse to get me five packets of salt and that kind of saved me. So this condition forced me to be hospitalized, my heart felt weird and I was shaking. I talked to my friend from the hospital, he is a healer, and it feels good.

She also added, “So finally I had to break the fast and I had to eat food, listen to my body. My body doesn’t want to fast this time. But I don’t know why my health suffered. this time because every time I’ve done it in the past, the last time was in 2014, I was doing pretty well.

Sofia followed the practice of fasting as a spiritual practice. However, this time the fasting process did not suit her and she was hospitalized: “I am on my own, my family is not here with me. I need love because the doctor said my life was in danger. I had also practiced fasting before. And it helped me meet my previous births and realize that God is around me. The positive energies help me to continue the upcoming fast. She is in search of her past life. The star decided to fast for 21 days to connect with the soul.

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