The Keto Diet May Be More Dangerous Than You Thought

If you’ve ever been caught in a yo-yo dieting cycle, you know it’s no fun and can be incredibly hard to break.

Ashley Solomon, MD, told Popsugar that diets like keto aren’t effective in the long run and tend to lead to yo-yo dieting. “Diets like keto and Whole30 can trigger dangerous restriction habits, create a pattern for binge eating, and send obsessive food thoughts spiraling,” she warned. She added that these diets end up making people feel like they are a failure because they are not able to keep up when in reality restrictive dieting has never been the answer to health at all. long term and weight loss.

Because keto forces people to completely cut out certain foods from their meals, they start to see certain foods as bad and, in turn, start to fear them. “Depriving our bodies of a variety of food experiences and nutrients will make our brains cry. For those at risk for eating disorders, this can be a recipe for disaster,” Solomon said, adding that most Restrictive diets like keto admit to causing food cravings, which can trigger binge eating.

Solomon says incorporating healthy eating habits to ensure your long-term health has been proven to work better than any restrictive diet, and added, “For those without specific medical conditions , enjoying a variety of foods and having food freedom rather than elimination is key.”

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